Coffee and Hot Chocolate Basket


  • $50.00 Starbucks Card
  • Preserve Brand Handmade Paper Notebook
  • Balance Organically Made Hand Sanitizer
  • Starbucks Yukon Blend-Medium Roast
  • Michigan’s own, Roaster Jack Coffee, Daybreak Roast.
  • Paris Le Procope Coffee
  • Harvey & Sons Green Tea with Coconut
  • Lomer Fine Foods Gourmet Hot Chocolate Set
  • Pepperidge Farm Chessman Butter Cookies
  • Belgian Assorted Chocolate Bars
  • Rock Candy Sticks
  • Hope for a Cure Pink Coffee Mug


*Bonus* A Zoom Get-Together with Dr. Benitez: Set up a mutually agreed time with Shades of Pink Foundation Co-founder & Detroit News Michiganian of the Year, Dr. Benitez, to enjoy a coffee and conversation.

While the true prize is getting to chat with Dr. Benitez, you also have a basketful of goodies to enjoy.

Place bids by clicking the “leave a reply” button below and entering your desired amount.

Check back daily to make sure no one outbids you!

Starting Price: $300 Buy it now: $2,000

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