A little help this holiday season

It can come out of the blue. You are sailing along, living within your budget, paying your bills, taking care of business, like the song says. Then it hits – a lump in your breast and bam – a breast cancer diagnosis. You try to stand strong. You are determined to beat this and you begin treatment. But it’s hard. You feel lousy a lot of the time; you can’t work. And when you can’t work, your paychecks stop coming.
Before you know it, when you should be focused on getting well, you are stressing over bills. Because unlike your paychecks, your bills keep coming.

You start falling behind on your payments; the rent or mortgage, the car payment, the electric and gas bills, the water, the premium for the health insurance that you need now more than ever. It’s just the kind of anxiety that you don’t need when you are treating for cancer.

And then you hear about something wonderful called Shades of Pink Foundation, a charity started by local women to provide exactly what you need; temporary help with your bills so you can concentrate on getting well. Shades of Pink approves your application and the relief is overwhelming! How do we know this? Because we get thank you letters from clients saying exactly that.

When a woman has been knocked out of the saddle by breast cancer, Shades of Pink Foundations gives her just the practical help she needs to get through her treatment and get up and running again. We’re a small local charity with a simple mission: Help women pay the bills while they are recovering.

It’s a simple concept. All it takes is money! Our little group never stops fundraising but we still can’t help everyone who qualifies. Can you chip in? Help us help local women as they face the bolt out of the blue that is breast cancer. It could be the most helpful and appreciated contribution that you will ever make.